The most comprehensive documentation about the Scythe ever.
A new edition is released in November 2021.

Preface to the Second Edition

The new update of this book about the Scythe contains extensively more material. Especially the chapter about the Snath is extended. Field tests of the Scything are also documented and Sources and Links have been included in this new edition. The Disposition has changed to be easier to read and some more technical parts have been moved to an appendix. Most of the text has been updated to be more precise and clarifying. There are also several new aspects of the use and technique of the Scythe and its culture added that reveal even more mysteries of the Scythe. ­Historical information has been added to get a better view of the development of the Scythe and its culture.
A series of videos have been made to make it more conceptual for users of the Scythe to grasp the settings of the blade, the sharpening process, etc. These videos are excluded from the book, but there are links to them and the reader can instantly link to them and watch them from this book if there is an internet connection.

As the author of this book, I hope that it will inspire you to investigate and learn more about the Scythe and its use. Both for the development of yourself as for the benefit of mankind.


Johan Falk
Uppsala, Sweden, november 2021



The Scythe - a modern tool for modern man