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GSA – Global Sustainability Agenda

1) A population of Homo Sapiens that is not larger than what the earth is capable of to maintain at an ecologically sustainable level. A reasonable limit could be 100 million on the planet. Resilience and sustainability increase with declining population. Today we are about 10-100 times too many on this planet. This is the most important condition, without it being fulfilled,  all other environmental measures will be ineffective or directly counterproductive.

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Sustainable society?

WE HAVE SEEN how humanity over the past 9000 years has placed increasingly unreasonable demands on our planet's resources and that humanity, instead of evolving towards a more sustainable form of society, is moving at an increasing pace towards a collapse. The effects of our lifestyle are now so great that not only humanity is threatened with its existence, but also many other of the earth's life forms that together constitute the planet's unique eco-existence.
The question is whether there is a form of society for humanity that is sustainable?

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The Myth of The Three Pillars in Sustainability

IT WAS WITH the Bruntland Report as it is called, the UN report on "our common future" from 1987, which established the myth of the three pillars, Economic, Social and Ecological Development. Since then, they have hung there as a matter of course when it comes to sustainability. They are mentioned in the sustainability programs of universities and colleges, in courses and in textbooks. They are found in companies' sustainability profiling and in sustainability goals.

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