WHEN WE HEAR a representative of the government in Belarus speak out in the media, he says that Belarus is moving towards better times, that it has a fully developed democracy and a bright future. It's so much of a lie that the rest of the world is just sighing. We have become accustomed to rogue companies and governments lying. It belongs, as it were, to the capitalist spirit of the times. When it is the profit interests that are in focus, you do everything to achieve the profit goals. You run unscrupulous propaganda campaigns based on lies and you have money to do it with (!). The Swedish employers' organization "Svenskt näringsliv" is a good example. There are copious amounts of resources here. You hire a CEO who receives SEK 500,000 in monthly salary and who can conduct personal lobbying and write books about how good the business is or as a former CEO, Stefan Fölster did, write a book about the environment that becomes pure farce of lies and distortions of the truth. "Svenskt näringsliv" is conducting poster campaigns to trick the Swedish people into believing that it is growth they need, which in fact is a matter of giving a few already rich people a short-term profit ...

Sveaskog, which is the state-owned forest company and which owns the most forest in Sweden, has hired a "forest policy chief". The title itself speaks its clear language. One person has been hired to lie to the outside world, in front of the press and citizens. When Greenpeace exposes Sveaskog by felling old forests and plundering the forests around Muonio in north of Sweden through clear-cutting, the forest policy chief sends out a letter in which he claims that everything is wrong. It is not. It is Sveaskog who is simply lying. They have neither consulted with the Sami village in Muounio about the fellings that threaten reindeer husbandry and biodiversity, nor have they protected old forests that are still being cleared with clear-cutting. The fact that the head of forest policy claims that it is on the way to a transition to sustainable forestry clearly shows that it neither has sustainable forestry nor intends to introduce it. In that case, it would have been done a long time ago.

The campaign "Svenska skogen" is a real fraud of lies about the Swedish forest and its future. They try to make it look like Swedish forestry is green and sustainable. It is claimed without any basis that Swedish forestry is our green future. Green leafy forests are shown in the picture. Nothing is more misleading than the "Svenska skogen" vision. Swedish forests are being devastated, 60% of the regrowth is taken out, huge areas that kill all life on the site are cleared-cut and refined, uncured tree species that do not belong in the Swedish forest are replanted at the site. The forest has been driven from being a living forest to becoming an artificial plantation. “Svenska skogen” is a green washing campaign run by LRF Skogsägarna, Skogsindustrierna, Bergvik skog and Sveaskog. Following pressure from Greenpeace, Sveaskog has withdrawn from the campaign, it is alleged, but they still remain as responsible on the campaign's website. In this project, the project employ a large set of market people and invest billions of SEK, to manipulate the Swedish people to make them believe in something that is not true. They produce commercials and articles, and website in Sweden's perhaps largest fraud project ever. The principle is simple - you say GREEN, but you act BLACK.



Den Svenska Skogen